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Visual Control

See & Avoid for UAV

This work presents a collision avoidance approach based on omnidirectional cameras that does not require the estimation of range between two platforms to resolve a collision encounter. It guarantees a minimum separation between the two vehicles involved by maximising the view-angle given by the omnidirectional sensor. Only visual information is used to achieve avoidance under a bearing-only visual servoing approach.

Autonomous urban car using visual information and controlled by a Fuzzy Logic controller

An urban car (Citröen C3) has been equipped to become an AGV with the only sensor of one camera looking just 30 cm in front of the vehicle. The visual system takes information of the position to the guideline and its localization in the circuit by interpreting different binary codes painted on the floor. The developed Fuzzy controller has obtained great results in the tests, reaching 50 kph in a straight segments and autonomy for round circuits with diverse curvatures.


Autonomous landing using Fuzzy Logic Controller and homography information

The visual homography estimation information of a know helipad is used by the MOFS-Fuzzy Controllers to generated velocity commands and get a successfully autolanding of the helicopter.