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Visual Control

Path Following Control System for car-like Unmanned Ground Systems

The path-following control system for unmanned visually guided car-like vehicles was developed. The control system is composed by two main blocks, an state estimator in charge of the analysis the inputs of the control system and calculate the better estimation of the vehicle state and a controller to close the loop using the estimation of the vehicle state.

See and Avoid: Using Cross-Entropy method for optimize the Fuzzy controller of the quadcopter heading.

A visual servoing system with a controller based on fuzzy logic has been implemented for avoid obstacle task. The 3 gains of this controller were optimized using the Cross-Entropy method working under the ROS-Gazebo simulation.


See and Avoid quadcopter using a Fuzzy Controller

A real quadcopter is controlled using Fuzzy Logic to avoid obstacles. The system use a low cost camera to get the visual information of the environment. The controller sends heading commands to the quadcopter in order to modify the trajectory.