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Visual Control

Quadrotor XY trajectory controller

A horizonal plane trajectory controller architecture is proposed. This controller allows to define a trajectory as a sequence of chekcpoints that have to be reached with a certain maximum confidence radius. Its main components are a Kalman Fitler, a State Machine that performs the path planning and the mission scheduling; and a classical cascade PID controller.

Service robots are already flying around us. The next generation of these drones will offer people thousands of amazing applications. But developers need an easy way to interface with drones to unleash their creativity at full power and that is the main goal of this framework. The project is now open-source on github. So, don't miss the chance to freely download, use, share and contribute to the MAVwork project.


Adaptive controller for the path-following problem of a car-like mobile robot based on its kinematics model using linear control theory

An adaptive controller based on linear control theory using the kinematic model is developed for the path following problem of a car-like mobile robot