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Pose estimation

Direct Methods for Pose Estimation of Aerial Vehicles

A Multi-Resolution strategy of an image alignment method is used to solve the pose estimation problem at real-time frame rates. With this strategy, it is possible to provide the system with a good approximation of the vehicle's state during long periods of time (minutes), basing the estimation only on visual information.

Onboard visual system

Onboard pose estimation is a complementary way to obtain the relative position of the UAV with respect to known landmarks. Using the onboard camera and a tracking system based on visual features, it is possible to obtain the orientation (rotations) and position of a landmark with respect to the UAV and camera coordinate system. This information is useful for accurate positioning task and landing and also is a complementary information to the one estimated by the UAV inertial system.

Ground-based multicamera system

A multi-camera system can help solving common vision problems such as occlusions, and can offer more tools for control, tracking, navigation of mobile vehicles, among other tasks.