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Research LineRobust Dynamic RGB-D Localization and Mapping for UAVs fuchanghong03 years 24 weeks ago
Research LinePartial Autonomous Vision-Based Fuzzy Control Guided Car Miguel A. Oliva...03 years 33 weeks ago
NewsTwo Special Awards in the World’s Premier Aerial Robotics Challenge IARC14 pascual03 years 37 weeks ago
Research LineVision based GPS-denied Object Tracking and Following for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles jespestana03 years 40 weeks ago
PageIARC Competition 7th Mission pascual03 years 46 weeks ago
JournalA new automatically planning of inspection of 3D industrial parts by means of visual system pascual04 years 1 week ago
JournalA new Approach to the Automatic Planning of Inspection of 3D Industrial Parts pascual04 years 1 week ago
AuthorPascual Campoy Pascual_prueba04 years 1 week ago
JournalEntropy Based Fade Modeling and Detection pascual04 years 1 week ago
JournalMedida de similitud basada en saliencia pascual04 years 1 week ago
JournalImage analysis by moment invariants using a set of step-like basis functions pascual04 years 1 week ago
Research LineA System for the Design and Development of Vision-based Multi-robot Quadrotor Swarms jl.sanchez04 years 1 week ago
ProjectsOMNIWORKS: Omnidirectional vision for human-UAV co-working pascual04 years 1 week ago
ProjectsOutdoors Structures Visual Inspection by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) carolM04 years 1 week ago
ProjectsComputer Vision for UAV. Guidance, Control, Cooperation, and Inspection carolM04 years 1 week ago
AuthorSergio Dominguez SergioDominguez04 years 1 week ago
Research LineFuzzy Control Optimization using Cross-Entropy: Tuning the Membership Functions and Rules’ Weight to Control a UAV for See and Avoid Miguel A. Oliva...04 years 1 week ago
Research LineMultirotor 3D trajectory following in GPS-denied environments jespestana04 years 1 week ago
Research LineA bio-inspired robot with visual perception of Affordances pascual04 years 4 weeks ago
Congress or SymposiumDimensionality Reduction by Self Organizing Maps that preserve distances in the Output Space pascual04 years 7 weeks ago
NewsFirst mobile app developed for drug detection pascual04 years 7 weeks ago
Congress or SymposiumA Supervised Approach to Electric Tower Detection and Classification for Power Line Inspection pascual04 years 7 weeks ago
AuthorAneesh Chauhan pascual04 years 17 weeks ago
AuthorCarol Martinez Iván F. Mondragón04 years 19 weeks ago
NewsVisiting top prestigious Universities in China pascual04 years 20 weeks ago