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See & Avoid for Light UAV

  See & Avoid for UAV based on visua

A robust real time method for UASs see and avoid based only in the visual information  provided by an omnidirectional camera sensor. The system was tested on Pelican UAV  flights with collision scenarios showing that the proposed method is an efficient technique for real time  evasion.



The algorithm take advantage of wide field-of-view given by fisheye lenses and catadioptric cameras calibrated using the unified model for central cameras. We use then this model to detect, track and avoid a target by maximising the relative bearing angle to the target obtained from the image plane.



This work have be done in collaboration with the The Australian Research Centre for Aerospace Automation (ARCAA) as part of two staff interchange stays under the International Cooperation Program for Unmanned Aerial Systems Research and Development ICPUAS did on summer 2010 (visit to ARCAA) and winter 2010 (visit to CVG-UPM).