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Position and orientation estimation


Ground-based multicamera system

 A multi-camera system can help solving common vision problems such as occlusions, and can offer more tools for control, tracking, navigation of mobile vehicles, among other tasks.

This research makes use of a multicamera system, located on the ground, to recover the position and orientation of the UAV, useful in situations where the GPS-based estimation is unavailable or inaccurate to develop flights at low altitudes, close to structures, where an accurate position estimation is required. 



Onboard visual system

Onboard pose estimation is a complementary way to obtain the relative position of the UAV with respect to known landmarks. Using the onboard camera and a tracking system based on visual features, it is possible to obtain the orientation (rotations) and position of a landmark with respect to the UAV and camera coordinate system. This information is useful for accurate positioning task and landing and also is a complementary information to the one estimated by the UAV inertial system.