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We are a University research group at the Centro Automática y Robótica (C.A.R.) from the  Universidad Politecnica Madrid with background in the Computer Vision and Automatic Control fields and with a large experience in industrial oriented applications, who started early research in UAV back in the 90s.
Our Vision is to provide Unmanned Systems (U.S.) with autonomy by exploting the most powerful sensor. i.e. vision.
Our Mission is to be always at the front end of the technology in Image Processing and Control techniques in order to achive technology transfer into demanding U.A.S. civil applications.

Our Values are:
  • Permanent updating with the latest worldwide R&D in may related fields is essential for improving our research
  • Having challengeable aims and testing the proposed solutions are two essential components for innovating our research and products
  • International cooperation is important for enriching the knowledge and the solutions




   Baumela, Luis

   Campoy, Pascual

   Dominguez, Sergio

   Molina, Martin

PhD candidates

     Bavle, Hriday    

    Carrio, Adrian

    Jua, Sandro 

    Milošević, Zorana

    Pestana-Puerta, Jesús

    Rodríguez-Ramos, Alejandro

    Sanchez-Lopez, Jose Luis

    Sampedro, Carlos

    Suarez, Ramon

Gestor cde Proyectos

    Beatriz Gatoo

Undergraduate students

    Alvarez, Pablo

    Gallego, Ignacio

    Gomez Gonzalez, Miguel

    Maroto Bravo, Alejandro

    Ortega, Juan

    Prieto Pereira, Mario




Lin, Zhou (Northwestern Polytechnical University China)

Phung, David (Drexel Univ., PA, USA)

Rubino, Fabio (Politecnico de Torino)

Tao, Qiu (Northwestern Polytechnical University China)



Changhong, Fu (NTU, Singapur) 

Bonatti, Javier (Prof. Univ. Costa Rica)

Chang, Oscar (Prof. Univ. Central, Venezuela)

Marchamalo Sacristán, Miguel (Prof. U.P.M.)

Martin, Jorge (PhD candidate U.P.M.)

Mejias Alvarez, Luis (Lecturer QUT Australia)

Molina, Martin (Prof. U.P.M.)

Mondragon Bernal, Ivan F. (Prof. U.Javeriana, Bogotá)

Plasencia, Nicolas (Prof. Univ. La Laguna)

Olivares-Mendez, Miguel A. (Prof. Univ. Luxemburg)

Zufiria, Pedro (Prof. U.P.M.)




                              Previous members and visitors                        

Chauhan, Aneesh (Univ

 Collumeau, Jean François 

 Martinez, Carol  (Univ. Javeriana)

Alexander Ceron (Univ. Nacional Colombia)

Jin Zhiyi (student at Northwestern Polytechnical University in China) 2013-14

Wei He (student at Northwestern Polytechnical University in China) 2012-13

de la Puente, Paloma (PostDoc researcher, PhD) 2013

Olivares-Mendez, Miguel A.(PostDoc researcher) 2007-13

Bin Zhou (student at Northwestern Polytechnical University in China) 2012-13

Mellado_Bataller, Ignacio (Master Eng. Robtics & Automatics) 2010-2012

Mondragon Bernal, Ivan F. (PhD, Prof. at Universidad Jevriana, Bogota, Colombia)

Burgues, Javier (Eng., Fulbright scholar) 2012

Galindo, David (Researcher, Enginner) 2010-12

Pratusevich, Michele (MIT student) 2012

Martinnavarro, Edgar (Eng. at INTA, Master Eng. Robotics & Automatics) 2011-2012 

Garcia-Gordo, Juan Carlos (Researcher, PhD student) 2009-11

De Vivero, Charlie (MIT Student, 2010)

Eng, Pillar (PhD student QUT Australia, 2010)

Mars, Risha (MIT Student, 2010)

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