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Pascual teaching


 Pascual Campoy

  Full Professor

  Universidad Politécnica Madrid


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"Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I will remember.

Involve me and I will understand" 

I do believe in active learning as the only way to really understand a subject. I also believe in collaborative learning as an efficiently way of learning and simultaneously acquiring the desired capabilities for team working. As a consequence of both active and collaborative learning I use the SCALE-UP methodology since 2007, when the collaborative classrooms were implemented in ETSII-UPM.

teaching at the collaborative classroom at theETSII-UPM

teaching at the collborative classroom at theQ.U.T.



Some of my courses are in the Open Course Ware  , while I am presently working in converting them into MOOCs:


In the aim of connecting the students with the real automation problems of our industry, I have been the funder of the ISA Student Association at UPM and its advisor Professor in the period 2004-2012.


ISA-UPM visit to an Electric Power Station