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 Pascual Campoy

  Full Professor

  Universidad Politécnica Madrid


Personal Publications Projects Teaching


Pascual Campoy is Full Professor on Automatics at the Universidad Politécnica Madrid (U.P.M.). He presently lectures on Control, Machine Learning and Computer Vision at graduated and post-graduated level.

He has been in charge of assorted research projects regarding the introduction of Computer Vision techniques in the Industry, focused in three main application areas: Automated Visual Inspection, 3D Vision and Visual Information Management System. He has been leader of  7 Projects funded by the European Commission, 12 Spanish R&D projects and 13 projects contracted by the industry. He is inventor of 6 patents in the field of Computer Vision, registered in 13 countries in Europe and South-America. His research activities have been gathered in over 80 international publications in technical journals and symposia contributions. He was founder of the company “I4: Innovation in Industrial Images Inspection”, which is a spin-off of the U.P.M. and it is aimed to transfer R&D results to the industry in the field of Machine Visio.

He is presently leading a group for Vision on UAVs, that includes object tracking, visual control and guidance, visual SLAM, stereo and omni-deirectional vision. He is presently working on new learning paradigms for bio-inspired Neural Networks that are aimed to be used in image segmentation, image recognition, and image coding and retrieval.