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OMNIWORKS: Omnidirectional vision for human-UAV co-working

ECHORD Project in the Eruropean FP7



The OMNIKWORKS project exploist the growing interest and convenience of use of small scale UAV by developing a series of self enclosed specialized and complementary modules and applications suitable for a large variety of commercial UAV currently on the market. Another primary objective is that all the developed systems will be easy-to-manage by a non-skilled person. Each one of these modules and applications will be focused on exploiting the information given by cameras in order to automate different processes involved in the operation of the UAV, including e.g. mosaic maps, visual navigation based on maps, video stabilization, image tracking and servoing, 3D pose estimation, and autonomous landing. This modular scheme will allow a generic UAV to be easily adjusted for different kind inspection operations, considerably reducing the equipment, system, and inspection costs.

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