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Technologic consultancy in Pattern Recognition and Image Processing

Inspiralia S.A. within the PERA Group. Supoerted by the European FP7.

The aim of this contract is to perform technical advising in European Projects in the following tasks related to image processing and image pattern recognition in real time:

  1. Image analysis and engineering. Machine learning on images.
  2. Image processing techniques and segmentation. Extraction of useful and minimal features from the information of the digital images.
  3. Analysis and development of techniques based on artificial intelligence and statistical patterns for image classification.
  4. Designing and implementation of algorithms
  5. Refining and validation of the intelligent system for the final prototype
  6. Collection of data to be used in the analysis

These tasks have been developed within the following two European Projects:

  1. The EPOSBED project has designed and validated a specialty bed with an easy-to-use positioning that allows patients with limited mobility to change their position in bed without need of assistance from hospital personnel. An actuator system changes the bed configuration in order to assist comfortable: lateral positioning and sitting/fowler positions. This system avoids the need of the classical remote controllers and ensures the autonomy of elderly patients. The results of this project are presented in teh EuroNews. Published paper.
  2. The APIFRESH project is aimed to help European Beekeeping Sector to overcome their critical situation of uncertain sustainability, by developing an inexistent and necessary quality standard for the two higher added-value apicultural products other than honey: pollen and royal jelly, and laying the foundations of a future European regulation. Published paper.


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