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"Fuzzy Controller for UAV-landing task using 3D-position Visual Estimation."

Congresses name: 

IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence (IEEE WCCI 2010-IEEEFUZZ2010).


Barcelona, Spain.

July 18-23, 2010.

 Abstract. In this paper is presented an application of a Fuzzy Controller for a landing task of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle using the 3D-position estimation based on visual tracking of piecewise planar objects. This application allows the UAV to land on scenarios in which it is only possible to use visual information to obtain the position of the vehicle. The uses of the homography allows a realtime estimation of the UAV’s pose with respect to an helipad using a monocular camera. Fuzzy Logic allows to define a model-free control system of the UAV. In this work it is used for define a Fuzzy controller which analyzes the visual estimation information to generate altitude commands for the UAV in a landing task.