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"Visual Servoing using Fuzzy Controllers on an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle"

Congresses name: 

EUROFUSE 2009. Workshop on on preference modelling and decision analysis.


Pamplona, Spain.

16-18 September, 2009.

 Abstract. This paper presents an implementation of three Fuzzy Logic controllers working in parallel onboard a UAV, two for a pan-tilt camera platform and the third for control the yaw of the helicopter. This implementation uses a Lucas-Kanade tracker algorithm with a pyramidal optical  flow implementation, which gives information to follow statics and moving objects, besides the UAV vibrations and movements. The platform controller is helped by the heading controller, in order to make smooth the big movements to the platform, reducing the risk of lost the warp selection of the object to track. Also, the heading control remove the physic limit of the platform at the yaw axis. Some laboratory and UAV tests are presented in order to show the di fferent behaviors and the good response of the presented controllers.