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Visiting top prestigious Universities in China

After lecturing for six weeks at Tong Ji Univerity in Shanghai within the "International Master Program in Automatics", Pascual Campoy visited three world top prestigious Universities in Beijing, where he gave a speech about research on vision for UAV and contacted the local groups working in the area. 

   Sino-Spanish Campus at Tong Ji                               Clases at Tong Ji

The visits were possible thanks to the invitation of professor Lu Geng who conducted the visit to Tsinghua University together with Prof Chen in order to tight the contacts between both institutions and to look for collaboration in the area of UAV Swarm and Visual Guidance, that will be effective during Summer 2014.


  at Tsinghua Univ. with Prof Lu Geng                      Lab for UAVs at Tsinghua Univ.    

The visit to B.I.T. was conducted by Prof. Yuanqing Xia, Vice Dean School of Automation and a word reference on Flight Control and Networked Control Systems, with whom we agree to collaborate in Visual Control for coming year and supported by the Chinese Scholarship Council.


          at B.I.T. with Prof. Xia Group                                 Beijing Institute of Technology

Last but not least the visit to Pof. Haibin Duan at Beihang University allows meeting the team participating in the word premier UAV competition IARC 2014 where we expect to meet our Groups, since Prof. Duan is an international expert in Bio-inspired Computer Vision, as well as in Advanced intelligent flight control.


   at Beihang Univ. with Pof. Duan Group                             Lab for IARC at Beihang Univ.