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Visual Identification and Tracking for Vertical and Horizontal Targets in Unknown Indoor Environment

Congresses name: 

International Micro Air Vehicle Conference and Flight Competition, IMAV 2012


Braunschweig, Germany

3-6 July 2012

This paper presents the visual identification and tracking module developed for automatic character recognition on-board Unmanned Aerial Vehicles(UAVs) to be used in the IMAV 2012 "Indoors
Autonomy Competition". The presented strategy is based on three stages: image segmentation, visual tracking and optical character recognition(OCR). The module is validated in a house-like environment, which has the same characteristic as the ones used in the competition, including challenging distracters such as windows, door and illumination that represent a challenging scenario for the automatic character recognition sub-task. The results show that each stage in this module can accomplish its function successfully and obtain the correct information from the vertical and horizontal targets, based on the obtained visual information and on-board sensors.

Fig 1. Manual test flight with the Asctec Pelican quadrotor on the house replica of the IMAV 2012 competition.

Character recognition example
Fig 2. The total process of image segmentation. The left process shows the white ROI and its detection result, and the right process shows the black ROI and its recognition result.

Our team could not finally take part in the "Indoors Autonomy" challange. However, the Computer Vision Group team participated in the "Indoor Flight Dynamics – Rotory Wing MAV" challenge and obtained two prizes: the "Best Automatic Performance - IMAV 2012" award and the second position in this challenge (related link) .