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A Visual Guided Quadrotor for IMAV 2012 Indoor Autonomy Competition and Visual Control of a Quadrotor for the IMAV 2012 Indoor Dynamics Competition

Congresses name: 

International Micro Air Vehicle Conference and Flight Competition, IMAV 2012


Braunschweig, Germany

3-6 July 2012

This article presents the proposal of the Computer Vision Group to the indoors competitions of the IMAV 2012. The Computer Vision Group team participated in the "Indoor Flight Dynamics – Rotory Wing MAV" challenge and obtained two prizes: the "Best Automatic Performance - IMAV 2012" award and the second position in this challenge (related link) .

Our Pelican on the challenge flight
Fig 1. Our Pelican quadrotor during our participacion in the "Indoor Flight Dynamics – Rotory Wing MAV" challenge.

Asctec Pelican configured for IMAV 2012
Fig 2. Asctec Pelican quadrotor configuration for the IMAV 2012 competition.

The team's hardware consists of a Pelican quadrotor with a down-facing camera, an altitude sensor and a Hokuyo laser range finder. The down-facing camera is used to estimate the horizontal speed of the quadrotor using optical flow. The measurements of the Hokuyo sensor are filtered using a Particle Filter or Monte-Carlo localization algorithm to obtain a position mesaurement to correct the odometry cumulative error. The utilized system architecture allows the adoption of several configuration schemes, allowing to perform the data processing in different computers.