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Quadcopter See and Avoid Using a Fuzzy Controller

Congresses name: 

International FLINS Conference on Uncertainty Modeling in Knowledge Engineering and Decision Making (FLINS 2012)


Istanbul, Turkey

August 26-29, 2012

This paper presented a micro-UAV visual servoing approach for see-and- avoid. A Fuzzy Logic controller has been developed to automatize the col- lision avoidance. This controller acts changing the heading of the aircraft, keeping the obstacle to avoid at the right side (or left) of the image until the object can be overtaken. Excellent results have been obtained in real tests using the commercial quadcopter AR.Drone-Parrot with a quick re- sponse and a low error estimation. We are in the process to extending this approach to 3D, adding altitude control. Also, we plan to study different optimization algorithms to improve the controller and reduce the RMSE.