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Autonomous Guided Car using a Fuzzy Controller

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Recent Advances in Robotics and Automation in the book series Studies in Computational Intelligence.
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Autonomous Guided Car using a Fuzzy Controller
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 Abstract This chapter described an application of Fuzzy Logic for an autonomous driving system. This approach has been implemented on a commercial car using just the visual information acquire by camera pointing downwards. The visual sensor was located at the front of the vehicle. The Fuzzy controller sends commands to the motor which moves the steering wheel of the vehicle keeping it centered on a painted line on the road. The Fuzzy Logic controller has to be robust against curvature changes and velocity changes. The good performance of the controller has successfully been demonstrated in a real environment at urban velocities. The presented results demonstrate the capability of the Fuzzy controller to follow a circuit in urban environments without previous information about the path or any other information from additional sensors.