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Omnidirectional bearing-only see-and-avoid for small aerial robots

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ICARA 2011: The 5th IEEE International Conference on Automation, Robotics and Applications


Wellington, New Zealand


 Omnidirectional bearing-only see-and-avoid for small aerial robots

Abstract—Motivated by the growing interest in unmanned aerial system’s applications in indoor and outdoor settings and the standardization of visual sensors as vehicle payload. This work presents a collision avoidance approach based on omnidirectional cameras that does not require the estimation of range between two platforms to resolve a collision encounter. It guarantees a minimum separation between the two vehicles involved by maximising the view-angle given by the omnidirectional sensor. Only visual information is used to achieve avoidance under a bearing-only visual servoing approach. We provide theoretical problem formulation, as well as results from simulations and real-flight using small quadrotors.