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"Colibri: Vision-Guided Helicopter for Surveillance and Visual Inspection"

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ICRA’07 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation


Roma, Italy

April 2007

We present a system to estimate the altitude and  motion of an aerial vehicle using a stereo visual system. The algorithm has been designed and tested in two stages using 2 different platforms. The two main functionalities are height estimation and visual odometry. These functionalities were validated on a Pionner AT2 ground robot and an autonomous helicopter. The system detects and tracks salient points in the scene. Depth to the plane containing the features is calculated matching features between left and right images then using the disparity principle. Motion is recovered tracking pixels from one frame to the next finding its visual displacement and resolving camera rotation and translation by a least-square method. We present results from different experimental trials on the two platforms giving examples of the trajectory calculated by the system. 

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