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 Miguel A. Olivares-Méndez

  PhD candidate

  Universidad Politécnica Madrid







 Studied computer engineering at Universidad de Malaga (Spain) obtaining his degree in 2006 with his final project called "Fuzzy logic user adaptive navigation control system for mobile robots in unknown environments". After it, he moved to DISAM (ETSII) Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain) where he finish in 2009 his studies at the Master of Automatic and Robotics with the Master's work "Visual servoing using fuzzy controllers on an unmanned aerial vehicle" and now,  he is currently working towards a PhD degree in Automatic and Robotics. He is working with Fuzzy Control using his own developed software called MOFS (Miguel Olivares' Fuzzy Software) to make autonomous different kind of robots like helicopters, urban cars, wheel-chairs and quadrotors, using visual information. In the last phase of his PhD Thesis he is working on the optimization of the Fuzzy controllers using the Cross-Entropy method for See and Avoid tasks with quadcopters.

Associate Editor of Versita Emerging Science Publishers on Engineering, Industry and Transportation


Miguel A. Olivares-Mendez was invited to be an Associate Editor of Versita. A new publisher group that publish open access books and co-publish journals with Springer and books and journals with De Gruyter. The publications field in which He will be envolve is the field of Engineering, Industry, Transportation.