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 Martin Molina

  Full Professor

  Universidad Politécnica Madrid


Martin Molina is full professor at the Department of Artificial Intelligence, Technical University of Madrid since 1994 (full professor since 2012). He received his Ph.D. in computer science and artificial intelligence in 1993 and his Licentiate Degree in information technology in 1990 from the Technical University of Madrid. He was a visiting researcher for approximately 3 years in several research centres in the USA (AT&T Labs–Research, Stanford University and University of California–Irvine). He led a research group about intelligent systems at his university (1999-2016). His research focuses on architectures for intelligent systems, cognitive robotics, human computer interaction, and machine learning. He has authored more than 80 publications related to artificial intelligence, and he has more than 20 years of experience working with intelligent systems and their practical applications with an important relation with private companies related to engineering problems (transport, hydrology, aeronautics, etc.) such as EADS, INDRA and FCC. He has participated in 7 research projects funded by the European Union (as leader or member of the research group) and he has been the principal investigator of other 23 national research projects in the field of artificial intelligence.