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 Jean François Collumeau

  Post-doc researcher

  Universidad Politécnica Madrid







I am a french PhD. in computer vision, currently working as a post-doctoral researcher in the Vision4UAV team at the Centro de Automatico y Robotica of the Universidad Politecnica Madrid. My PhD. thesis dealt with controlling surgical ward lighting devices using hand gestures, and I am now in charge of landmark and object localization and recognition by means of computer vision.

Career objective
I wish to apply Computer Vision techniques in connection with other areas of research in a cosmopolitan and rewarding environment. My research interest include image and video interpretation as well as human-computer interfaces.

2010-2013 PhD. in Computer Vision, Laboratory PRISME, University of Orléans, France
Title : Non-contact remote control of operating room lighting by computer vision
means. Supervisors : Bruno Emile, Hélène Laurent, Rémy Leconge.
2007-2010 3-year engineering degree, ENSI de Bourges, France
Major in Industrial Risk Management. Obtained with honours.
Master's double degree, University of Orléans, France
Major in Energetics, Environment and Space. Obtained with honours.
2004-2007 3-year BSc., Faculty of Science of Bourges, University of Orléans, France
Major in Industrial Production Science. Obtained with first class honours.
2004 Baccalauréat, French equivalent to the Higher Learning Certificate
Major in Maths. Obtained with honours. Studied by correspondance courses at the French Centre National d'Enseignement à
Distance de Rennes.

Please visit my personal web page for more information on my research prior to working in the Universidad Politecnica Madrid.