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First Prize in Indoors Autonomy at IMAV 2013 for C.V.G-U.P.M.

The Group has been rewarded with the First Prize in Indoors Autonomy this year at international competition IMAV13, International Micro Air Vehicle Conference and Flight Competition hold in Toulouse from September 17th to 20th .


This year the Group has presented two main breakthroughs. The first one has been the complete autonomy of the vehicle in achieving every task in the circuit (taking off, going through the window, laps around the poles, avoiding poles and landing), thanks to the accurate visual SLAM and the trajectory controller. The second big breakthrough has been the power of simultaneously flying a swarm of UAV, so every one can be performing one task while dynamically avoiding collision with other UAVs, thanks to the on-line dynamic trajectory planner.


This year the former two indoors competitions have been fused in one competition in which autonomy and operability have been judged separately.  Our team has achieved an important milestone in this competition by being the first time ever that the UAV perform the tasks in a fully autonomous way.  It has also been the first time that more than one UAV have been able to fly simultaneously for performing task in coordination.



Mentioned important features have been recognized by the judges with the maximum score in Indoors Autonomy, yielding to this important prize that rewards the efforts of many researches in the Group, that have been put together in this well-known international competition in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.



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