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 Hriday Bavle

  PhD Student

  Universidad Politécnica Madrid




I think technology is a very powerful tool empowering mankind, and I wish to dedicate my life researching on newer and newer technologies in order to help mankind. I constantly work with short-term goals in life in order to achieve the long-term goal. Well I have several long-term goals so you will always find me hooked up to my work.
In simple terms I love to work.

My research interests are :

  1. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Sensor Fusion

  3. Computer Vision
Automatic Control

Currently in my lab I am researching on two projects namely

  1. Autonomous control of an oktocopter using Robot Operating System (ROS)

  2. Improving the landing of fixed wing UAV’s in ship environment (The main sensor used in this project is vision)