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  David Galindo

  Engineering Master student

  Universidad Politécnica Madrid







David Galindo Gallego is studying an electronic and automatic degree at Universidad Politéctica de Madrid. He was working at Mechanical Engineering Department of ETSII-UPM in 2008 
He joined to Computer Vision Group (ETSII-UPM) in 2009.
Since then he has been working on integrating control algoritms in open source simulators (ground and flight) and testing. Furthermore he has been collaborating to control unmaned vehicles using soft-computing methods.
His interesed areas are visual control, image tracking, neural network modelling, and fuzzy control.

He presently is the computer administrator of the group and the webmaster.


Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Industriales -Universidad Politécnica de Madrid – Spain (2005-today)
Eighth semester in Ingeniero Industrial – Esp. Automatica-Electronica”, equivalent to Msc  in Automatic and Electronics.
Coursework includes: automatics control, system theory, computer systems and programming (computers I&II), analogical electronic (electronic I), digital electronic (electronic II), embedded system (electronic III). 

High School: “Amor de Dios”
Intensification in Science and Tech obtaining 9/10.
Graduation 2005


Computer Vision Group – DISAM- UPM (Universidad politécnica de Madrid). (2009-today)
·       Webmaster and web developer using a CMS platform.

·       Developer of an UAVs simulator based on FlightGear open source
·       Linux administrator in order to provide the Group an http and ftp server to storage images, files, documents and so on.
·       Participant as developer  in technology transfer projects for simulation and control algorithms in path control tasks.

DIM-UPM (Mechanical Engineer Department) Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. (2008-2009)
·       Web developer using an inner application AULAWEB as to provide an e-learning system (
·       Analysis and organize students data by statistical methods to audit academic learning


Languages: English fluent (C level), French low level
Programming: C/C++ (especially socket communication), OpenCV.
Web: HTML, CSS (low level), Drupal (an CMS platform)
Other: Phyton (low level), Matlab, Office, Assembler language

Other Activities

Participant in the program “Start-up company competition”
This program is based on the creation of your own business. There it is necessary to learn knowledge of administration and business analysis
Participant at the “Cibertech” competition.
Create your own robot using ARDUINO open project (hardware and software). The robot has to accomplish some path following tasks and a maze