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 Carol Martinez

 Post-doc researcher

  Universidad Politécnica Madrid







A Visual System for Autonomous Air-to-Air Refuelling Tasks

A hierarchical visual tracking algorithm is proposed and developed for the purposes of tracking a drogue during the capture stage of autonomous aerial refuelling, and of estimating its 3D position.

Hierarchical Multi-Parametric and Multi-Resolution Strategy (HMPMR) for Tracking

A strategy for improving the object tracking problem using direct methods and achieving real-time frame rates is proposed. The algorithm is based on a hierarchical strategy in terms of image resolution and number of parameters estimated in each resolution, that we call H_MPMR.

Direct Methods for Pose Estimation of Aerial Vehicles

A Multi-Resolution strategy of an image alignment method is used to solve the pose estimation problem at real-time frame rates. With this strategy, it is possible to provide the system with a good approximation of the vehicle's state during long periods of time (minutes), basing the estimation only on visual information.

Autonomous landing based on a trinocular ground system.

In this research, we propose a vision-based landing and take-off platform using a ground camera system. This strategy allows separating the main objective of the UAV's mission from the common tasks of the mission: take-off and landing. This latter advantage will allow that not additional onboard-sensors will be required for the exclusive purpose of achieving these common tasks.

Ground-based multicamera system

A multi-camera system can help solving common vision problems such as occlusions, and can offer more tools for control, tracking, navigation of mobile vehicles, among other tasks.