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 Aneesh Chauhan

  Post-doc researcher

  Universidad Politécnica Madrid









Research interests ______________________________________________

The current focus of my research is on investigating techniques primarily from the fileds of computer vision and machine learning for tackling different aspects of vision-based robot autonomy.

A significant portion of my research focus, in the past several years, has been on enabling robots to incrementally learn visual categories through human-robot interaction. I am investigating and have designed a variety of machine learning methods that can assist robots in acquiring new categories in an online and open-ended manner. I am also investigating paradigms that emulate the basic social processes involved in language transfer, where human user teaches the names of the objects in a visually shared scene and gradually the agent comes to share this vocabulary with the human user.

At CVG, I am primarily involved in an industry-academia research project: "I2L Intelligent Power Line Inspection". My main efforts (and that of the rest of the team members) are on investigating applications of computer-vision and machine learning techniques for automated power line inspection from visual as well as Lidar data.

Main interests:
Embodied machine intelligence; visual perception; language grounding

Education _____________________________________________________

May 2014      PhD (awarded with highest distinction and honour)

Institute:        IEETA , University of Aveiro, Portugal
Supervisor:    Prof. Luís Seabra Lopes
Title:              Grounding Human Vocabulary in Robot Perception through Interaction

Feb 2004        MSc in Autonomous Systems (graduated with Merit)
Institute:         PANN Lab, University of Exeter, United Kingdom
Supervisors:   Prof. Sameer Singh, PANN Lab;
                       David Grosvenor, HP Labs, Bristol, UK
Project:           Episode Detection in Videos from a Head-Mounted camera

Jul 2001          B. Engg. In Computer Science and Engineering (First Class with distinction)
University:      Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, MH, India