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Robust Stereo Visual Odometry and SLAM for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles


A new light small-scale low-cost ARM-based Stereo Vision Pre-Processing System is designed.




Note: One plugin is specially developed for this new system to achieve real-time Stereo Visual Odometry and Mapping.


And our system supports the typical stereo matching approaches:

As the popular Semi-Global Block-Matching done by other Stereo Embedded Systems, some results from our system captured in our university are shown as following: 




One result in Hallway Environment:



More results:

 Stereo Visual Odometry and SLAM Results with Well-Known Stereo Video Datasets.



                                            Fig 1. EuRoC Example (Dense Map)



                                    Fig 2. Stereo V-SLAM KITTI Example (Sparse Map)



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