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Robust Dynamic RGB-D Localization and Mapping for UAVs

Asctec Pelican Quadrotor



                                  Fig 1.  The 1st Result with DJI F550 Hexcopter in ASU, USA

 The feature detection:

The Optimized Octomap: (shown in Fig.1)

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle: (DJI-F550) (More HWs shown in Appendix)


                    Onboard Computer: Odroid                                                   Onboard Computer: Intel NUC


                                                                            Mechanical Design Demo

                                    (Note: this demo is only applied for ROS Gazebo Simulation, no commercial aims)




Performance Evaluation with Challenging RGB-D Datasets: (Ground Truth: VICON)

                                                                               One Example

Real Flight Evaluation with Onboard IMU Data: (including 3D Mapping for Different Environments)

Note: Onboard Processing,  rostopic hz /Visual_Odometry,  > 25 Hz

"Square" Environment (with Chair, Desk, Sofa et al):


                                 Top View                                                                             Side View



                                                                     Flight Result 2:  "S" Flight


                                                                     Flight Result 3:  "O" Flight

Videos: (Total Demo Number: 8, coming soon...)


                                                               Demo 1: Real-time SLAM in Corridor


                                                               Demo 2: Real-time SLAM in "Square"


More tests will be added soon...

 Future Work:

  • Gazebo Simulation with RGB-D SLAM  (including Path Planning)     

  • UAV Formation Flight based on RGB-D Rigs (RGB-D Sensor/Stereo Camera)





  • RGB-D Sensors


                                 Microsoft Kinect                                                              Asus Xtion Pro Live


  • Autopilot


                                                                                          Pixhawk (Hz of IMU > 160)

  • Onboard Computers


                                      Odroid U2                                                                       Odroid U3


                                                                           Intel NUC i5