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3D Object Following based on Visual Information

A system and a control strategy for visual following of 3D moving object by an Unmanned Aerial Vehicles UAV. The presented strategy is based only on the visual information given by an adaptive tracking method based on the color information, which jointly with the dynamics of a camera fixed to a rotary wind UAV are used to develop an Image-based visual servoing IBVS system. This system is focused on continuously following a 3D moving target object, maintaining it with a fixed distance and centered on the image plane. The algorithm is validated on real flights on outdoors scenarios, showing the robustness of the proposed systems agains winds perturbations, illumination and weather changes among others:


Diverse test have been done with a colouted m oving objects. The obtained results indicate that the proposed algorithms is suitable for complex controls task, such object following and pursuit, flying in formation, as well as their use for indoor navigation