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Visual Guidance of a Commercial Compact Car


 The sope and objectives of the project are confidential under contract with the company.

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A Visual AGV-urban Car using Fuzzy Control

An autonomous visual line guided urban-car using no prediction information and controlled with Fuzzy Logic
This is an autonomous urban-car, Citroën C3, guided with the visual information obtained by a camera installed in front of the car.A Fuzzy controller was design to control the steering wheel of the vehicle. The only input information for the controller is the visual distance from the centre of the image and the centre of the line. No more information from other sensor and previous information about the path are used.


Autonomous urban car with predictive information

Autonomous urban car using visual information and controlled by a Fuzzy Logic controller
An urban car (Citröen C3) has been equipped to become an AGV with the only sensor of one camera looking just 30 cm in front of the vehicle. The visual system takes information of the position to the guideline and its localization in the circuit by interpreting different binary codes painted on the floor. The developed Fuzzy controller has obtained great results in the tests, reaching 50 kph in a straight segments and autonomy for round circuits with diverse curvatures.