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Two Special Awards in the World’s Premier Aerial Robotics Challenge IARC14

 The CVG-UPM in collaboration with the Dept. of Artificial Intelligence (DIA) have participated this year as its first time in the IARC challenge, the International Aerial Robotics Competition that is the longest running collegiate aerial robotics challenge in the world. 

 The competition has started this year its 7th Mission that advances the state of the art in autonomous aerial robotic behavior and “tackles challenges that are currently impossible for any flying robots owned by government or industry”.

In this inaugural year of IARC's Mission 7 not any team was able to demonstrate the entirety of the behaviors required to complete the Mission, tough several teams demonstrated autonomous interaction with the ground robots, the moving obstacles and positioning over the 20m x 20m arena.

One of those remarkable teams has been the CVG-UPM that deserved two special awards on "Best Obstacle Avoidance Award" and "Best Trajectory Controller". Our team performed the three flights fully autonomously, taking off, flying predefined missions over the arena while avoiding mobile obstacles and landing safety when the battery was low. These tasks have been achieved hanks to the modules for positioning the UAV over the arena using optical flow, detecting the moving objects and recalculating the trajectories.

We hope to increase our performances and success in the coming second year of present 7 Mission, where we will continue competing among some of the best Universities in aerial robotics word wide. 

In the news: Finanzas,  Euroexpress,  ETSII, UPM, Ascending Tech.

Following institutions have supported the team: