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IARC Competition 7th Mission

Aerial Flying Robot & Arena Testing Scenario

We are using an AscTec Pelican quadrotor with an AscTec Mastermind onboard PC (Intel Core i7 processor). The sensor payload that is going to be used is: a down-facing optical flow sensor, a down-facing camera, and four side-facing cameras.


We are working on a replica of the IARC2014 competition scenario with challenging backgrounds.

And we also have some iRobots to test the competition algorithms, the following are images of our first tests where we checked how much weight they could carry:



Mission 7a Simulation


Current Results

We have achieved several results:

Mission Planner


Computer Vision: Visual Landmark Extraction

Drone Localization & Arena Mapping

Using ekf:



Team members

Our team members are MSc/PhD students and their supervisors from the Computer Vision Group (Vision4UAV) and the Department of Artificial intelligence.


Team members of our team:

(from Vision4UAV)

  •   Jesús Pestana Puerta
  •   Jose Luis Sanchez-Lopez
  •   Ramón Suarez-Fernandez
  •   Jean-François Collumeau
  •   Pascual Campoy

(from Department of Artificial Intelligence)

  •   Jorge Martín Cristóbal
  •   Martín Molina


Instituto Tecnológico "La Marañosa"